Spark Hire Integrates With Zapier to Help Hiring Teams Automate Their Workflows

Spark Hire and Zapier Integration

The integration gives Spark Hire customers the ability to connect with 750+ popular apps

Spark Hire, the leading video interviewing platform used by more than 4,000 organizations around the world, has integrated with Zapier, an online automation tool that connects over 750+ of the most popular web applications.

This Spark Hire and Zapier integration allows customers to create “Zaps” which consist of triggers and actions. A trigger in one application prompts an action in another.

As part of the initial launch, Spark Hire triggers include created and completed interviews. This means that any time an interview is created or completed in Spark Hire, an action can be automatically performed in another application.

Some examples of “Zaps” that use Spark Hire triggers includes:

  • Post Slack messages for new completed interviews on Spark Hire
  • Get SMS alerts for new completed interviews on Spark Hire
  • Add new completed interviews on Spark Hire as Google Sheet rows

“We’ve seen customers already start using Zaps as part of their daily workflows,” says Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire. “Some are starting with the basics to set up an automated system for sharing completed interviews with hiring managers whereas others are configuring multi-step Zaps to perform a number of actions at a time.”

In addition to these Spark Hire triggers, customers will also be able to use other applications to trigger the creation of new Spark Hire one-way video interviews.

For example:

  • Create Spark Hire one-way interviews from new Google Sheet rows
  • Generate Spark Hire one-way interviews from new Wufoo form entries

”The launch of the Zapier and Spark Hire integration allows users to connect Spark Hire to 750+ other apps and introduces countless automated workflows into the hiring process,” says Matt Lukso, Partner Manager. “Hiring managers can use any of their favorite apps to track interview progress, or set up interviews based on candidate activity using forms, emails and more. Ultimately, this reduces repetitive work and helps boosts productivity.”

This automation will empower innovative recruiting professionals to automate time-consuming and tedious tasks. Ultimately, Spark Hire and Zapier users will see an increase in their recruiting speed.

To learn more about Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform and the integration with Zapier, request a demo here.

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