Spark Hire and Codility Partner to Make Hiring Developers Easier

Combined offering enables organizations to substantially improve hiring results and reduce costs through video interviews and online skills assessments.

​​Spark Hire (, the leading provider of video interviewing software, has announced it’s partnership with Codility (, the leading online skills assessment provider, to help organizations interview and evaluate software engineers quickly and cost-effectively. ​

Codility has unparalleled expertise in sourcing and evaluating quality programming candidates, having helped over 1,500 companies save time and money when hiring developers. Using the Codility Platform to evaluate candidates streamlines the hiring process and reduces the amount of time necessary for in-house developers to screen potential hires. Once skills have been assessed, the strongest candidates can then be video-interviewed using Spark Hire.

"We see video interviewing as complementary to Codility's assessments of programming skills. Thanks to our relationship with Spark Hire, our customers can build their engineering teams faster and more efficiently."

Natalia Panowicz, COO, Codility

“We're excited to have a partner who specializes in coding assessments so we can deliver this high-quality and highly effective solution to our customers who are recruiting developers,” says Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire.

During the hiring process, recruiters and hiring managers have the ability to test the coding skill level of developers by sending candidates innovative programming tasks to complete online. The results are submitted for review so only the most qualified candidates get moved onto the next step of the hiring process.

Mutual clients of Spark Hire and Codility often pair the two solutions together. In many cases, a technical evaluation is done and the next step is a video interview. This helps recruitment teams identify candidates who are not only a great fit from a skill set perspective, but also from a cultural standpoint.

“We see video interviewing as complementary to Codility’s assessments of programming skills,” says Natalia Panowicz, COO of Codility. “Thanks to our relationship with Spark Hire, our customers can build their engineering teams faster and more efficiently.”

For more information on video interviewing or the partnership with Codility, contact Spark Hire today.

To learn more about coding assessments or the partnership with Spark Hire, contact Codility today.

About Spark Hire

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About Codility

Codility provides the leading skills assessment and training platform for recruiters and hiring managers.  Using Codility, organizations can efficiently source, screen and engage technical talent through a comprehensive suite of skills assessments and challenges.  Companies including PayPal, LinkedIn, and Electronic Arts have used Codility to evaluate candidates and efficiently assess job suitability. Codility has completed over 2.5 million assessments for over 1,500 customers around the world. For more information, visit


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