Exciting Breakthrough for Talent Acquisition - Spark Hire/ Comeet Announce the Launch of Its Innovative Integration

Spark Hire and Comeet Integration Announcement

The integration of Spark Hire's talent assessment tools and Comeet's ATS features offers a comprehensive solution for end-to-end recruitment, empowering businesses to streamline their hiring processes and make data-driven decisions.

Chicago, Illinois — Today marks a much-anticipated integration as Spark Hire, a global leader in video interviewing solutions and candidate assessments, and Comeet, a top-rated user-friendly Applicant Tracking System, announce a seamless integration. 

As part of the Spark Hire Talent Acquisition Suite, Comeet now harnesses the power of Spark Hire's advanced talent assessment tools within the ATS platform, providing an unparalleled end-to-end recruitment experience for businesses of all sizes.

"Our acquisition of Comeet ATS signified a significant step forward in the evolution of talent acquisition. Now, by combining Spark Hire's robust talent assessment tools with Comeet's user-friendly ATS within our user dashboards, we're providing comprehensive solutions that simplify the hiring journey and enhance the quality of hiring decisions worldwide." – Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire

This integration merges Spark Hire's industry-leading video interviewing technology with Comeet's intuitive ATS platform, empowering companies to streamline their hiring processes while gaining deeper insights into candidates. The synergy between Spark Hire and Comeet promises to revolutionize talent acquisition, enabling organizations to make smarter, data-driven hiring decisions.

Omer Tadjer, Chief Growth Officer of Spark Hire and cofounder of Comeet, expressed his enthusiasm. "We are thrilled to launch the integration of Spark Hire's cutting-edge technology into the Comeet ATS platform. This advancement in our product offerings allows us to provide users with a holistic recruitment solution, empowering them to assess candidates more effectively and collaboratively – ultimately, making well-informed hiring decisions the only way forward. Together, we are redefining the recruitment landscape."

Similarly, Tommy Dikerman, Chief Product Officer of Spark Hire and cofounder of Comeet, highlighted the value this integration brings to users. "The integration of Spark Hire's talent assessment tools with Comeet's easy-to-use ATS enhances our users' capabilities throughout the recruitment process. From sourcing to assessment and selection, recruiting and hiring teams now have a seamless, end-to-end talent acquisition experience that ensures they find the best talent quickly and efficiently."

This strategic integration promises a more efficient, insightful, and user-friendly experience for recruiters and hiring managers. By combining Spark Hire's innovative video interviewing solutions and candidate assessments with Comeet's intuitive ATS, businesses can elevate their hiring processes and hire the right talent for their teams faster and with confidence.

For more information about the integration and how it can benefit your organization, please visit Spark Hire and Comeet.

About Spark Hire:

Spark Hire is a leading provider of video interviewing solutions and end-to-end candidate assessment tools used by thousands of organizations around the world. Its easy-to-use talent acquisition suite enables recruiters and hiring managers to assess candidates more effectively, making better hiring decisions and boosting overall recruitment efficiency.

About Comeet:

Comeet, a Spark Hire Company, is a user-friendly, collaborative ATS and hiring platform that simplifies the recruiting process for businesses of all sizes. With intuitive features and seamless integrations, Comeet helps organizations attract, evaluate, and hire top talent efficiently.


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